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Curses Broken For a Price [entries|friends|calendar]
William Weasley

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Locked to Death Eaters [04 Sep 2004|11:37am]
My Lord,

My apologies for having been absent as of late. Gringott's sends me where they please and unfortunately, I rarely have my choice.

As for my brothers, if you are referring to Percy, I have lost track of him at present. I will nose around the Ministry a bit to see what I can find if that is your desire.

Your will is my will.

William Weasley
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Private Entry [06 Aug 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | devious ]

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[04 Aug 2004|05:47pm]
Double shifts are murder on one.

Yes, so guess what I am right now?

On the good side, I got another gift for Severus. He's going to like this one. He has to. I'm running out of ideas. Actually, no, I'm not, but I'm sure it makes him a lot happier to think that I am.

Sirius Black nearly killed me today. That should amuse the population.
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[01 Aug 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I am happy to report that other than some squishiness, my hands have returned to normal. I'm rather pleased seeing as how I tend to use them a lot. For plenty of things. That I won't go into detail about so I don't offend any young eyes.

I was talking about cursebreaking, you perverts.

No, really. I was.

Okay, now, just stop thinking about that right there.

I meant it.

Fine... think about it. Happy?

I find myself longing for the days of school where I could actually sleep at a specific time instead of between double or triple shifts. It seems like every patron of Gringott's is coming through and needing to put in or take out items from their vaults, not to mention money for school supplies for their children. Usually, a goblin escorts them down, but with this sudden influx, even we cursebreakers get kicked into service. It shocked one lady today that I could sleep on the cart down to the vaults. My excuse is that it was an interesting ride my first year, but after that... ehhh, I'd rather catch a few minutes of shut-eye.

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[31 Jul 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Things to Do:

Return Ginny's owl - done
Shock her so badly her hair turns white - done
Tell naughty story of life working at Gringott's -

Tonight, while I was escorting a man to his vault, he decided that he didn't need me to get into a high-security vault. He believed quite firmly that he should be able to just walk into his vault whenever he felt like it. Damn shame he was trying to break into the wrong one. Certian ones have different curses or wards on them to prevent such. One of these curses is something like Petrificus Totalus except that instead of simply paralyzing the body, it does so to the lungs and other internal organs. Now just imagine trying to draw in a breath when your lungs are not cooperating. There's also the little fact that when someone closes any vault, all the air is sucked out of said vault. There's nothing to breathe.

Anyways, he's alive. barely.

Moral of the story is: Don't try to break into Gringott's. Dragons aren't all we have.

Storytime - done

And I really need to sleep now since I pulled a double sh... and I just got an owl asking me to return to Gringott's for another shift since we're shorthanded. Joy.

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Another Night [29 Jul 2004|04:43pm]
Who: Bill Weasley
What: An evening out on the town of sex and murder
Rating: PG-13 at best
Setting: A nameless hooker's flat
Timeline: the night of Wednesday, 28 Sep 97

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[29 Jul 2004|12:51pm]
You're all lucky that it doesn't get as hot here as it did in Egypt. Otherwise this working inside thing would be outlawed.

Let me also say that I am really glad that there are no Prophet reporters or the like walking around inside of Gringott's. We have this new Zuni fetish that we've been trying to work out the curses on. It's about the size of a person's hand, but it has more curses on it than anything that small has the right to. We've gotten through quite a few of them, but we've hit a new and interesting one at present.

It makes a person's clothing turn invisible. Before anyone asks, we found this out the hard way.

Just try to imagine standing there in the lobby of Gringotts when about five cursebreakers go ambling by as naked as the day we were born.

We, of course, had no idea it had turned our clothing such. We could still see our clothing and each other's. We walked out and stood there talking for about ten minutes before we realized utter silence had fallen. And then that everyone was staring at us. One of my friends was walking by, looked me up and down, and smirked while commenting that now she was sure I was a natural red-head.

Anyways, I do apologize to anyone we inadvertantly shocked, especially that old lady that fainted. The goblins were howling with laughter at us as we slunk away.

So was everyone else's day better?
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